To face the Covid-19 outbreak is not an easy matter. Bima Arya (Mayor of Bogor) said that Corona outbreak is about the leadership test. Without qualified leadership, it will certainly be ruined. Indonesia’s first fortune is that Indonesia is led by Jokowi

Jokowi considered various aspects. Politics and not politics. Social and economic. Political factors are the most severe consideration. Why ? Because Jokowi is no longer be President of Indonesia in 2024. So it is not surprising that Jokowi walked alone. The political parties in the House of Representative seemed to let Jokowi walk alon

Luckily, Jokowi followed a great political instinct, before the Corona virus broke out. When Jokowi’s supporters and opponents want to distance political reconciliation. Jokowi still wants Prabowo to be part of the government

Through Budi Gunawan (Head of BIN), Mr. Pram and Budi Karya, finally Prabowo entered the government. With a tough struggle – including the revival of the Batutulis Agreement. Prabowo-Puan. It is a political matter which becomes a blessing in-disguise

Right now, without Prabowo in the government, it will be very difficult for Jokowi to balance complex interests: politics and interests, because who like Jokowi or not is still quite influential in the military and retired

The internal hustle and bustle of the TNI which Jokowi has silenced turned out to be a strong blessing. For Jokowi. For Indonesia. Jokowi appointed Lt. General (Ret.) Terawan Agus Putranto as Minister of Health. It is inconceivable if this position was not in the hands of the army. The policy considerations of the Minister of Health provided concrete data on lockdown to Jokowi to make Jokowi establish a Large-Scale Social Restriction. Not lockdown

Lockdown in Wuhan in Hubei Province with a population of 58 million (4 percents of the Chinese population) is reported to have spent US $ 180 billion. If Indonesia applies a lockdown – meaning that all the needs of the community are met by the state – Indonesia will go bankrupt in just two weeks

The strategy of isolating and establishing a Covid-19 hospital supported by the Indonesia National Armed Forces, c.q. General Andika Perkasa (Head of Army) led the use of RSPAD and RSAD in various regions. Lt. General Doni Monardo is supported by Minister of Health Terawan in implementing the function of government and private hospitals as the vanguard of handling Covid-19, with special subsidies. Even then, the new Minister of Health used no more than IDR 25 trillions from funds of IDR 70 trillions

And building Covid isolation at Wisma Athlet and Pulau Galang became so cheap, because it’s not in the hospital. Luckily, there is Basoeki Hadimoeljono, who was eager to build health facilities

Jokowi was fully supported by Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan (Prabowo‘s senior in The Army). Added with the solidarity of BIN under the leadership of General Pol (Ret.) Budi Gunawan who had the full support of the General (Ret.) AM Hendropriyono (the Indonesia Intelligence Teacher), made the intelligence function entirely in the hands of Jokowi

Jokowi‘s decision to dismiss and appoint General Pol Tito Karnavian was also very precise. Incredible instinct. Under General Pol (Ret.) Tito Karnavian, regional heads tend to be silent. The Task Force’s strategic work system reduces the madness and distrust of the people in the regions. The stubborn will be bullied in social media

General Pol Idham Aziz (General Pol (Ret.) Tito Karnavian‘s colleague) was personally chosen by Jokowi and the result is the balancing strength in the National Police, Lt. General Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo was also installed at the Criminal Investigation Unit. From the National Police Traffic Police, Major General Pol Istiono appeared to secure the policy. There is Lt. General Pol (Ret.) Firli Bahuri (the Head of the KPK) who avoided the upheaval. The food needs supply is held by Lt. General Pol (Ret.) Budi Waseso

Puan Maharani (Chairman of the House of Representative of Indonesia) and Bambang Soesatyo (Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly of Indonesia) also guarded the the House of Representative and the People’s Consultative Assembly. Quiet. Not noisy. Coupled Erick Thohir at BUMN who dared to fight the mafia. The level of energy policy for the people in Pertamina and PLN is also safe, because there is Ahok at Pertamina and Darmawan Prasodjo at PLN as a policy coating

With the social distancing and Large-Scale Social Restriction strategies that did not make the country go bankrupt, but calmed the Indonesian people, now Indonesia sees the original form of Jusuf Kalla and Susilo Bambang who are only the politician and not the statesman at all. If President Habibie was still alive, he would make phone calls with Jokow and giving the support for Jokowi

What a lucky thing for Indonesia to have Jokowi, not Trump or Bolsonaro

FYI, this article is translated from the Indonesian original article entitles “SELAIN JOKOWI HADAPI WABAH CORONA INDONESIA BERUNTUNG PUNYA ORANG-ORANG INI” that’s written by Ninoy N. Karundeng

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