Gus Dur’s cabinet election was the result of an inevitable compromise. In the book “Menjerat Gus Dur“, Virdika Rizky Utama quoted Greg Barton‘s statement that the ministers appointed by Gus Dur should not only be responsible to Gus Dur, but also to the coalition politic party chairmen

Thus, Gus Dur‘s power seemed to be very limited and that has made the observers doubt about Gus Dur commitment for implementing reformation work. Not only that, the dualism of accountability also made the ministers to carry out the interests of their politic parties rather than responsibility to Gus Dur‘s government

That worriness was proven on April 24, 2020. At that time, Gus Dur announced the dismissal of two ministers, Laksamana Sukardi (Minister of BUMN (Indonesia Democracy Party of Struggling)) and Jusuf Kalla (Minister of Trade and Industry (Golkar Party)). In constitutional law, the dismissal or replacement of ministers should be the prerogative of the president. However, the situation became worse, because Gus Dur stated that the reason for the dismissal of two ministers was because they were suspected of being involved in cases of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism

That reshuffle was the starting point for the loss of harmony that Gus Dur was trying to build with the coalition of politic parties, because both of them are the people who have considerable influence in their politic parties. Laksamana Sukardi is a “favourite child” of Megawati and Jusuf Kalla is the businessman and also one of the biggest donators of the Golkar Party

Laksamana Sukardi and Jusuf Kalla were very angry and rejected Gus Dur‘s statement. In the May 7, 2000 edition of Tempo Magazine, Jusuf Kalla said that Gus Dur was a slander. Unfortunately, Gus Dur did not want to disclose detailed information about the alleged involvement of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism of his two ministers to the public

Gus Dur only gave a 400-page collection of important documents of alleged Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism conducted by Jusuf Kalla to Akbar Tandjung (Chairman of the Golkar Party). On page 149 of the book “Menjerat Gus Dur“, it describes several cases of collection of important documents of alleged Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism conducted by Jusuf Kalla. One of the cases us that Jusuf KalLa was deemed to have deviated from the electricity project case, the import of rice by the Logistics Affairs Agency (Bulog) and the luxury car tax policy

Laksamana Sukardi and Jusuf Kalla still did not accept the presentation of the contents of the document. Then, both of them urged Gus Dur to give a specific explanation. However, Gus Dur was very cold

No debate, no need to do anything. I use my rights. I will replace you,Gus Dur said, as quoted by Laksamana Sukardi to the media crew

Gus Dur‘s reaction ignited the anger of Indonesia Democracy Party of Struggling and Golkar Party politicians. Zuldan Lindan (one of Indonesia Democracy Party of Struggling politicians) stated that all Gus Dur‘s accusations were the public lies. Meanwhile, Ade Komarudin (one of Golkar Party politicians) emphasized that Gus Dur have to maintain his temperament, if he still wanted to remain as President of the Republic of Indonesia until 2004

At this point, Gus Dur proved that as the president, he cannot be “regulated” and is not subject to the coalition of politic parties. However, the logical consequence is the loss of support and balance in the coalition of politic parties

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